Blast from the Past: Part One!

We all remember waking up and dashing to the TV on Saturday morning anticipating the latest dose of Saturday morning cartoons. I remember sitting glued to the TV with my giant bowl of Shreddies still in my PJs awaiting the latest installment of Superfriends, Dungeons & Dragons and yes, Bugs Bunny.

Those days have long past with the world of digital cable and 600 channels of nothing.

My point is that with the so many television shows coming to DVD I want to point out some Saturday morning cartoon gems we desperately need on DVD.

First off I want to congratulate Warner Bros for releasing Plastic Man: The Complete Animated Series on DVD September 1st. I am dying to get my hands on that set because it used to be one of my favorite shows as a kid. Bring it on!

Since they are releasing Plastic Man what about a release of the Spider-Woman: Animated Series. She is such a huge character in Marvel comics now. That should be primed and ready. We have seen releases for of that single Spider-Woman vs. the Fly episode and it wasnt even the best episode of the series.

For those of you who don’t Spider-Woman is Jessica Drew, who as a child she was bitten by a poisonous spider. Her father, Dr. Alexander Drew saved her life by using an experimental spider serum that inadvertently gave her spider powers. (if you call psionic web blasts spider powers) . She became a reporter for Justice Magazine during the say and became Spider-Woman thwarting evil at night.

I liked the show because when it aired there wasnt a regular Spider-Man cartoon going!

The voice of Spider-Woman was none other than Joan Van Ark from TV’s Knot’s Landing and the show lasted 16 episodes but it was nice to see that there was another female superhero besides Wonder Woman. I was also a fan of the comic series. Please bring this to DVD!

Another I would love to see was FANGFACE from the famed Ruby-Spears company who rivaled Hanna-Barbera in their day.

Fangface in many ways was just a rip off of Scooby Doo with four daring teenage detectives uncovering the mysteries and monsters who seemed to haunt their every move.

Except for a second, imagine that Shaggy was a reluctant werewolf who could turn into a werewolf at the drop of a hat. Then picture than this werewolf was part Tazmanian Devil, part Yosemite Sam and well unpredictable. Oh not to mention he always dreams of eating one of the teens.

There was just no other cartoon like FANGFACE. It was brilliant! It took an old tired concept and well injected chaos into it. I really don’t know why this show isn’t loved more! Please, please release it on DVD!

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