Blast From the Past: Part Two

Click HERE for the Blast From the Past: Part One, where we took a look at Plastic Man, Spider-Woman and FANGFACE.

Now on with Part Two.

Okay it has been known to be said that when I used to have hair that I would wake up with what has commonly known as “bed head”. When you have two cowlicks on either side of your head spiraling in opposite directions it makes for interesting instant hairstyles first thing in the morning.

Anyway many of those mornings with my zany bed head, I would look in the mirror and smile. Because it would remind me of one of my favorite cartoon characters of all time. CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!

Some people are huge fans of Scooby Doo for me it was always Cavey. Well the first TV series featuring Captain Caveman was Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels and it was sort of a rip-off of Scooby. Instead of having Velma, Fred, Shaggy and Daphne. Cavey got to team up with three Daphne’s who looked like teenage versions of Charlie’s Angels. And while Velma had her catchphrase “Jinkies!” the blonde Teen Angel, Taffy had one too “Zowie!”

For those of you who dont know Captain Caveman. Is the world’s first superhero who was released from a block ice by the Teen Angels and now they solve mysteries together.

Warner Bros already released all Scooby incarnations on DVD and are combing their way through the Hanna-Barbera archive releasing titles. When are we going to get Captain Caveman on DVD??? For now check out two of my favorite episodes. Thanks Youtube!!!

My next request is THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN.

Thundarr was a cartoon ahead of its time when it debuted in 80s. It was an action oriented series that was set in a post-apocalyptic future. Thundarr and his friend OOKla help Princess Ariel try to unite the last remaining humans on Earth. Thundarr and OOkla’s relationship was very close to that of Han Solo and Chewbacca but as a kid I didnt care. It was the show’s action storylines that kept me tuning in.

If the show would have been released about five years later we probably all be holding action figures from the show. It had the potential to be as successful as MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. I would have killed to have an OOkla action figure.

TARZAN: LORD OF THE JUNGLE was released in the late 70s and is still the only animated Tarzan series besides the Disney version. The estate who holds the rights to Tarzan seem to be hung up on how to release various incarnations of Tarzan. I have been a big fan of Tarzan for years and would love to see this series and the Ron Ely live-action find its way on to DVD.

You can find a couple episodes of Tarzan on DVD in the Hanna Barbera compilations Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1970s Vol. 1 and the upcoming Vol. 2.

Well there you have it. The six cartoon series I am dying to see again on DVD. I hope to do a TV series version of this series in the near future.

One more thing, how many actual cartoons were rip-offs of Scooby Doo? Let me know, if you know.

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