Avatar Day!

I just got back from a screening of 20 minutes of James Cameron’s Avatar. I have to say that the trailer that was released yesterday doesn’t do what was represented justice. We saw but a meer sliver of what was coming from Cameron and his virtual creation.

There were images in the trailer that a lot people complained about that weren’t finished or not perfected and comparisons to the Star Wars prequels and even Ferngully was brought up. Well the 20-mins I saw everything was done and it light-years ahead of Beowulfand Star Wars. As for the Na’vi looking cartoony. Well let me put it this way, did you think Nightcrawler in X-2 was cartoony?

If you really have to compare the Na’vi to anything I would say they are Nightcrawler crossed with a prehistoric Amazonian tribe.

After viewing most of what was in the trailer and some rather impressive extended scenes, Avatar does look like it will change movies.

You just cant grasp the scope and the animation from seeing it in a Quicktime movie.

These Na’vi look so photorealistic in parts that they remind you of some indigenous people locked away in the Amazon for all time. Then there are the animals, the foilage and even the rocks. Cameron has designed, wrote and sculpted the Na’vi homeworld ever since he stopped directing feature films twelve years ago. He has made smaller films but they have been about underwater discoveries and excuses to hone his new cameras for Avatar.

The story isn’t that original from what I can tell. It is basically a space version of Dances with Wolves with a little Tron, Pitch Black and The Matrix thrown in.

You know the world away from Na’vi shown here did remind me alot of James Cameron’s Aliens. It is too bad they werent actual Space Marines and Sigourney Weaver was called Dr Ripley.

Stephen Lang, left with co-star Sam Worthington.
Stephen Lang, left with co-star Sam Worthington.

Oh I also loved seeing a no-holds-barred performance by Stephen Lang who seems to be shining in some big movies lately like this and Public Enemies. I have actually been a fan of his character work since the late eighties with Band of the Hand and Manhunter. He was also utterly brilliant in the little seen The Possession of Michael D in the mid nineties.

Avatar will live up to the hype and I will be there first day to see it, in friggin 3-D!

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