Foreign Fridays: Diabolically Yours

Made in France in 1967, Alain Delon stars in Diabolically Yours (Diaboliquement vôtre) as Georges, a man who wakes up after a car crash to a new life. He is all of sudden rich. He has a beautiful wife, Christiane (Senta Berger), a new best friend (Sergio Fantoni), a dog and a gigantic estate.

Obviously he`s thrilled and says to his beautiful wife, let`s consumate our marriage and enjoy life. She tells him he has amnesia and until he remembers the love he had for her she will not sleep with him.

When  Georges returns home things start to become stranger and stranger. He spent time in the Orient and as his friend tells it he was quite the playboy. He owned a company and his manservant from Hong Kong, Kim, has returned to France with Georges and his wife.

The more Georges learns the more out of place he becomes and eventually flashes in his mind as he sleeps begins to bring back slivers of his former life. But was it his life? And furthermore did he kill someone?

The film is quite good. It opens with a kinetic shot from a car`s windshield as it barrels down this windy French road. When its a bump we feel it. This goofy 60s music plays and the credits roll by as the car goes faster and faster. Ending obviously in Georges`s crash.

It also has many layers as we always know just slightly more than Georges himself. I really enjoyed the wide-eyed innocence of Alain Delon in this role and how completely clueless he is. His performance is the sole reason to watch this movie. I also really enjoyed the film`s texture and cinematography. It was just so rich!

My only complaint with the movie was the pacing and the intrigue needed to be dialed up a couple notches. We needed it to become more and more unstable if we are actually following the main character and his discoveries.

There have been alot of amnesia films and Diabolically Yours is unique in it`s simplicity. You have three main actors, one supporting and one  location, it must have been a cheap movie to make. It is so simple it kind of reminds me of one of Hitchcock`s early movies plot wise.

I could totally see it being remade with George Clooney as Georges. And in casting his wife I would skew younger just to add to the confusion and sense of displacement. And as for the director maybe a Soderbergh or Fincher.

3 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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