Weird Review: Chopping Mall

I continue this Weird Wednesday with yet another Barbara Crampton film. I have been a big fan of this sream goddess since I was a kid at college obsessed with watching The Re-Animator over and over. So as a man addicted to B-horror movies I have made it a mission to see everything Barbara has done including this rather bizarre take on the slasher genre.

Basically the plot of the movie is that these teens camp out in this state of the art shopping mall and are hunted by the mall security robots.

Droid attack!

The robots looks like what if R2-D2 and Johnny 5 had a baby and the baby had the demeanor of ED 209. (Gotta love weird robot references!) So for the whole movie you have this attractive cast either making out or getting killed by killer droids.  


 The movie was produced by Roger Corman’s company so you knew the camp was going to be full tilt going in and well silly special effects and half naked women are other Corman stamps. As 80s slasher films go, this isn’t too bad but that isn’t saying much. I would say it’s probably on par with say Friday the 13th 3-D.

Crampton sadly didn’t have alot to do in the movie but you can sure see why she has became a famous “scream” queen. She wasn’t the star here but some woman named Kelli Maroney was.  Her being in the movie was so low key that her name never even made it on the poster.  That is kind of surprising since she had already made movies like Re-Animator, Fraternity Vacation and Body Double before the movie came out. Crampton but did do the best she could with the horrendous script and even goofier love scenes.

I liked that they tried to mix up the typical slasher flick formula, but the movie as a whole was just really clunky and hard to get into.

1 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer.

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