Retro Review: Drag Me to Hell

Alison Lohman stars as loan officer Christine Brown who one day tangles with an intimidating client. The client is an old gypsy woman who has had two extensions on her mortgage and is now faced with eviction. So to prove to her boss (David Paymer), Christine tells the woman her application has been denied.  

The old woman freaks and places a gypsy curse on Christine. The curse involves Lamia, the Black Goat, a demon which will rise up and drag the cursed down into Hell.

We have all seen demon stories before. Evil gypsy curses and tormented unsuspecting 20-somethings. What makes Drag Me to Hell different is that it is directed by Sam Raimi, who brought us the Evil Dead and Spider-Man franchises. Raimi’s earlier work on the Evil Dead films are what enabled him to be a fan favorite to direct Spider-Man. This is Raimi’s first return to horror since he finished off the Evil Dead series with Army of Darkness in 1992 (unless you count The Gift).

There is a lot of inspired Evil Dead mania going on in this film. You have over exagerated fights, vomiting, and witchcraft. The ending also seems ripped right out of Evil Dead 2.

Somebody give Lohman an award just for surviving this movie!

Alison Lohman goes through hell literally in this movie. From smooching an old woman to getting vomitted on to getting covered in maggots, she has to be given a reward just for surviving this movie. I also was quite impressed with her in this film. She is quite good as the woman in way over her head.

I can’t really cheer for the film because it’s just way too silly in places and while it does pay homage to Raimi’s older work, I just never felt startled or scared. There is a lot of creepiness but no real scares.

3 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

Side Note: For those who have been saying this is better than Evil Dead 2, they lie!

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