Retro Review: The Hills Have Eyes 2

Written by father-son team of Wess and Jonathan Craven, the sequel picks up years after the original and Sector 16 still hasn’t been fully discovered. A fresh crop of National Guard recruits are dropped in to investigate after one of the scientific outposts in Sector 16 goes dark.

The recruits are led by charismatic and strong leader Sarge (Flex Alexander, One on One) and a host of Hollywood fresh faces like Jacob Vargas (Death Race), Lee Thompson Young (Smallville), Daniella Alonso (Friday Night Lights) and Jessica Stroup (90210).

The recruits are untested so some accidentally shoot each other and are easily taken out by the mutants living in Sector 16. But this time the mutants seem hell-bent on reproducing as per the rather extremely gory opening sequence involving a pregnancy.

Hill Have Eyes 2 feels like the original film without the acting pedigree the first film had. You still have gory kills, disgusting mutants and heroes you want cheer for but something is missing, a feasible story. After the recruits are dropped there and get wigged out by the mutants, what is the story after that?

I liked the multi-racial cast and the attempt at bringing humor to this series of films but it all just felt so off.

I will watch anything Jessica Stroup does! I really think she is a diamond in the rough that will explode after her tenure on the new 90210 finishes. In the first half of the film she is just your typical damsel trying to go military.

But as her character gets more and more desperate you start to see that side of Jessica I keep telling people exists. She bears done and pulls in every ounce of her talent to give her character more depth than is presented on the surface. In the second half of the film, you just can’t keep your eyes off her. Like 90210, she is the best part about this movie.

I felt for Daniella Alonso in this movie. She was so beautiful and gracious in Friday Night Lights but in this film she becomes the victim of a mutant rape which in my opinion was in overtly bad taste, disgusting and unnecessary. What is it about Wes Craven and all the rapes in his early movies? Last House on the Left was all about the rape of a virgin. Hills Have Eyes, the original and remake, had rapes And now this.

Daniella Alonso in a mutants clutches!

In recent years, the horror movie objective seems to be to desensitize the masses to rape, torture porn and extreme gore. Is it working, not really as horror movies keep trying to top the extreme violence in videogames. I think there is nothing wrong with a strong violent and gore R-rated movie what I do have a problem with is the continued degrading of women in the horror genre and how they have turned from “half naked damsel in distress chased by masked man” to “fully naked woman raped and then gutted like a fish by masked man.” Where does the line stop? There is a reason why they are called “snuff films” and we don’t need them mainstream.

2.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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