Retro Review: Galaxy Quest

Five actors from the science fiction TV show “Galaxy Quest” are mistaken by some outer space fans as being heroes. Their television captain (Tim Allen) is captured and placed to negotiate with a megalomaniac terrorist bent on destroying the universe. The negotiation is a huge success and the captain is sent back to earth thinking it’s merely a hangover. Until he finds out that it was real and they need him again. He decides to take his fellow cast members on the adventure of their lives and prove that he truly is a great leader and not a drunk.

Galaxy Quest is one those complicated premise comedies that delivers on so many levels and makes you howl with laughter. Not for one minute of this film do the stars think they should leave their television personality and become an independent thinking person. That’s what makes this so funny and original. With the huge success of “Star Trek“, why not have the actual actors take the adventure instead of their fictional counterparts.

Tim Allen breaks out of the mold as “Disney/sitcom father” and takes a chance here. What we get is a little mix of “Buzz Light-Year” and William Shatner. He is great as the leader of this fake interstellar crew. Alan Rickman also stars as a fake alien who doesn’t want to play his part anymore but instead the Shakespearean actor he once was.

Another scene stealer is Tony Shalhoub as the ship’s engineer. He isn’t positive or assure of himself as other ship engineers which bring wonderful parody to the role.

Sigourney Weaver in her blonde persona is almost wasted but still it was nice to see her acting not so serious or tough.

Galaxy Quest is a laugh out riot that keeps you entertained. It’s been a long time since we had a comedy this smartly written. The last one I can recall is last summer’s “American Pie“. I look forward to seeing Tim Allen in other breakout roles. As Tim Allen says in the movie, “There are no vulnerable spots!!”.

4 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

Written: January 4, 2000

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