Commentary: Twilight Saga: New Moon

I think I am of a rare breed. At least I felt that way when I was standing in line for the 10:30 pm showing of New Moon on Thursday night. I was surrounded by preteen and teen girls screaming, sighing and giggling about Edward and Jacob. Some even wore “Team Edward”, “Team Volturi” or “Team Jacob” T-Shirts. The media has been calling them “Twi-Hards” because we have to label anything we think is strange like Star Wars and Trekkies before them.

I was funny reading the reviews Friday morning from 90% male 50-year-old reviewers who complained about being trapped in a theatre with a 16-year-old complaining about her boyfriend. You know I am really glad these guys thought the film was torture because every “bad” critic needs to be tortured. What they failed to see was in fact Bella is also a hero and evolves as a character. Yes, it is through anguish but nonetheless. It bugs me when people complain about a phenomenon like its personal. You knew what you were going to see, it is not for your age group and you already know you will hate it. Then why go?

I had read the books and had seen the first movie and like a lot of us, I enjoy a good vampire story. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still one of my favorite TV shows of all time and I think that is why someone in my age group may appeal to this story.

What is different about Bella Swann and Buffy is that Bella’s struggle is more internal and the stories are all about the inner workings of a teenage girl’s mind. From an anthropological standpoint that could be fascinating. I remember my anthropological classes and how anthropology is all about infiltrating a new society well that is what I felt like I was doing at 10:30 last Thursday night.

Look at my review of Twilight Saga: New Moon and the first film Twilight, coming soon!

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