Movie Review: Old Dogs

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The same thing can be said for this new comedy.

In the new comedy from Wild Hogs director Walt Becker,  John Travolta teams with Robin Williams as two advertising agents who find themselves on the fine line between being a grandparent and being middle aged.

Robin’s life changes when his ex-wife (Kelly Preston), whom he married in a shotgun wedding years earlier, drops a bomb on him.

She claims her kids are his and she is going to jail for two months on a protest charge and needs someone to look after them.

This complicated plot turns into a version of My Two Dads or The Game Plan with toilet humor and some very silly antics.

The movie had some gut splitting jokes but all of them were in the trailer. The gorilla scenario, the mixed up meds, Justin Long’s psychotic camp guy and Matt Dillon’s butch scoutmaster are all really funny!

I like slapstick humor as much as the next guy. Heck, my favorite comedy of all time is Airplane! But these jokes felt really, really forced.

When they wrote this film I think they wrote the jokes first and filled in the plot to incorporate the jokes. There are just some of the craziest inconsistencies and ill-conceived plot jumps I have ever seen in a movie.

I took my parents to the advance screening of this movie and they laughed hysterically throughout. Maybe this movie is a generational thing but I just didn’t find it very funny.

1.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer.

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