Best & Worst of 2009: Part 2

I am back to continue the countdown to the biggest film of the year! I’ll also list my Worst 10 of 2009.

#5 (500 Days) of Summer

You think the romantic comedy genre is dead when you have bland actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Katherine Heigl still trying to make a go at it. 500 Days was a delight because it was that genre but yet it wasn’t. Sweet, passionate and unforgiving, it was a true story about what love is.

Why it makes the list: And in a year that gave us, The Ugly Truth and Bride Wars, 500 Days was one of the most original romantic comedies ever.

#4 Pixar’s Up

It is an intimate portrayal of a couple’s eternal love, loss, redemption and adventure and yeah it happens to be animated too. It is such a simply, beautiful movie!

Why it makes the list: Stands among Pixar’s top 3 films.

#3 District 9

It has been a long time since science fiction has been anything other than a way to make money at the box office.

The sci-fi of the 50s and Star Trek of the 60s talked about all sorts of issues from racism to homosexuality to slavery. District 9 addresses apartheid.

Why it makes the list: District 9 was the first sci-fi movie in forever that brought back a reason for sci-fi.

#2 The Hurt Locker

There have been lots of movies about America’s recent wars that have plagued the better part of this decade.

But really only one movie about that topic has ever connected with an audience and why was it so different. It gave us an inside look without the politics and focused on one reckless bomb diffuser who lives for the moment.

Why it makes the list: I liked seeing a movie about what we are all thinking about without the preachiness.


James Cameron did what he said he would, he changed the way we will see movies. He brought us to another world and never looked back. The CGI characters are the most real we have ever seen.

I swear the Na’Vi look like they should be alive and really existing in another world. The movie is an anthropologists dream come true.

Why it makes the list: AVATAR isn’t only an achievement but it’s a benchmark.


And now here is my Worst List:

Observe & Report... I am so over Seth Rogen!

10. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
9. Crank: High Voltage
8. Old Dogs
7. Land of the Lost
6. Miss March
5. Away We Go
4. Black Dynamite
3. Last House on the Left
2. Bruno
1. Observe & Report

One thought on “Best & Worst of 2009: Part 2

  1. I cannot lie: I am very sad to see “Bruno” on your Worst of 2009 list. I’m a devotee of “Da Ali G Show” and I’ve been hooked on Sacha Baron Cohen’s brand of comedy for years. Plus, Bruno’s my favorite character he created, so I had to see the movie and it did not disappoint me. But I realize SBC is something of an acquired taste.

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