Retro Review: Deep Blue Sea

What another shark movie? After four “Jaws” movies, we thought it was safe to go back in the water. Well this could be the movie that makes sharks scary again.

“Cliffhanger” and “Die Hard II” director Renny Harlin takes us to a top secret lab where a group of scientists are trying to harvest a “miracle serum” and save humanity from Alzheimer’s.

The only trick is that they have to extract it from a shark’s brain.

Okay, the plot is ludicrous at best but how it’s pulled off is quite a ride.

Echoing “Jaws”, “Aliens” and “Jurassic Park”, Harlin’s thrilling disaster movie with sharks really gets the adrenaline pumping and never looks back. The only question you ask yourself is “Ok, who’s gonna make it?” and that’s all you need to be captivated.

The visuals in this film make every “Jaws” movie look like the shark I used to play with in my bathtub. These sharks are phenomenal.

A standout performance has to be the new heroic portrayal of shark-wrangler “Carter Blake” played by newcomer Thomas James. A cross between Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford, James delivers us a hero not seen since “Indiana Jones” last jumped across the screen. The type of hero we like to jump out of our seats and cheer for.

As for the rest of the cast they sum up like this. Saffron Burrows plays the head scientist who thinks of nothing but her career even if half the people are dead.

Next, we have LL Cool J’s preaching cook who is there for comic relief. And finally we have billionaire Russell Franklin (Samuel L Jackson) who wants to shut the place down if the cure isn’t harvested during his visit.

But put these aside and the rest of the cast are never explored and should we say “lunch”.

4 out of 5

So Says the Soothesayer.

2 thoughts on “Retro Review: Deep Blue Sea

  1. OK, so I will confess that “Deep Blue Sea” is one of my deep dark guilty pleasure movies — so gloriously cheesy in every aspect (dialogue, acting, special effects) that I’d be embarassed to admit I watch it EVERY TIME it’s on TNT.

    1. for sure Deep Blue Sea is one of the best guilty pleasures… Another movie that was similar to it was Peter Benchley’s Creature with Craig T Nelson… it was quite good for a TV movie the guys who brought us Peter Benchley’s The Beast with William Petersen… would love to find them both on DVD…

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