Movie Review: Leap Year

All right I will admit it I am a huge fan of Amy Adams. I will watch basically anything she is in.

I suffered through Night at Museum 2 and Enchanted just for her and was impressed with her in films Catch Me if You Can, Junebug and Julie & Julia.

Now Amy gets her chance to headline her own movie.

Amy stars as house-stager Anna who wants desperately to marry the man of her dreams Jeremy (Adam Scott). Jeremy seems to be stalling when he takes off for a medical conference in Dublin Ireland.

When Anna hears about an Irish tradition where on the “leap year” day of February 29 where a woman can propose to a man, she dashes off to Ireland to surprise Jeremy.

Only one problem with her plan, she ends up in Wales during a storm and has to find alternate transport to Dublin. Along the way she meets Declan (Matthew Goode), a gritty pub owner who promises to get her to Dublin for a price.

Leap Year is a by the books, how-many- times-can-we-do-this plot, romantic comedy crossed with a silly road movie but for me its only saving grace was Amy Adams. She has a way of being as natural, sympathetic, and real more than any other actress working today. She uses her magic on this fish-out-of-water story which is very similar to “Under the Tuscan Sun” and other romantic comedies. There are some nice funny moments from the villagers like those films before it.

The movie should have started with Amy stumbling into the Irish pub.

Then flashback to her life in New York and her plan as she explains why she is there.

The first 15-20 minutes of the movie is utterly painful and so unnecessary.

The ending is extremely dull as well.

The movie’s direction is also really flat and lacks any luster whatsoever. Director Anand Tucker (Shopgirl) phoned in this movie. Hope they paid him good?

Matthew Goode is capable as the male lead but his performance seemed almost like it was a clone or brother to the character he played in Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore. I like Goode but thinks he really needs a project to change Hollywood’s perception of him.

Leap Year won’t surprise, won’t be remembered and definitely won’t change Amy Adams life. The best word to describe it is quaint.

2 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

One thought on “Movie Review: Leap Year

  1. I love Amy Adams as well. We should start a fan club. She has that indefinable “It” quality that just makes her sparkle in every movie, even average or bad ones. Despite the negative reviews, I know I will end up seeing “Leap Year” purely because she’s the star.

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