Retro Review: Gone in 60 Seconds

Hollywood producing tycoon Jerry Bruckheimer returns to the silver screen with another action film.

Putting aside the Hollywood silver lining, “Gone in 60 Seconds” is a remake of the 1974 cult classic of the same title.

The story focus is Memphis Raines (Nicolas Cage) who has to steal 50 cars in one night or a crimelord is going to kill his brother.

From the opening scene, I had a feeling of déjà vu as I shook my head. The lighting, music, and deafening sound are all staples of a “Bruckheimer” film. Within these three elements is where I found the most of my déjà vu.

Why does every outside shot of a “Bruckheimer” film have to be filmed like the sun is setting. Doesn’t anyone have a conversation outside during the day? Another element of déjà vu is when Memphis visits his old mentor (Robert Duvall). As the music montage climbed in volume and the mood was set, I waited for an original scene between the mentor and protégé.

Instead what we got was a scene taken right out of “Days of Thunder” where Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall have a symbolic talk about the majesty of a perfect racing machine. The speech wasn’t the same but the music, mood, body language and lighting were so uncanny.

Through the majority of the picture I felt sorry for Duvall who was playing the same mentor role as he has in a lot of movies. “60 Seconds” is a huge disappointment.

I don’t blame the director or the stars of this film. What made this film self-destruct was it’s script and the editing of the Bruckheimer production company. I can’t believe nobody saw how bad the dialogue is.

One perfect example of script self-destruction was the scene at the end of the film where Delroy Lindo’s cop tries to relate to Cage’s car thief by delivering this line. “I can relate to your situation and I know why you did it. A brother’s love is a brother’s love.” After he said that I scratched my head and thought, “what?”

Another disappointment was with Angelina Jolie who was only in the film five minutes and had absolutely no chemistry with Cage. This may have been the script’s fault but I at least expected some originality and chemistry during the “What’s better having sex or stealing cars?” scene.

“Gone in 60 Seconds” however does completes the action trilogy of collaborators Nicolas Cage and Jerry Bruckheimer who opened the trilogy with adrenaline packed film, “The Rock”. Will these guys team up again? I hope so. I really would like Cage to do another great action film.

Jerry Bruckheimer seems to have lost his touch as his second action film in a row has been a dud. After the huge box-office of “Armageddon”, Bruckheimer seems to be spreading himself to thin as he opens his first film of the new millenium. With the projected release of 5 more films this year from his production company, I wonder if Bruckheimer maybe has to many projects going at once.

3 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer.

Written: June 12, 2000

4 thoughts on “Retro Review: Gone in 60 Seconds

  1. Compared to “The Rock,” for me, well, there’s just no comparison — I felt “Gone in 60 Seconds” was the equivalent of a lobotomy. Nothing but explosion after explosion and stolen car after stolen car. I mean, I’m a fan of SBU (Sh** Blows Up) movies but this one was too much even for me.

    1. yeah Gone in 60 Seconds is so overrated… i didnt even like the original film it was based off of… I am not sure why I think Nicolas Cage is cool in some of his movies… Maybe its because I can sympathize with his poser kind of demeanor… But you have to give him credit he isnt afraid to tackle any role… Just thank God he was never Superman…

  2. Never mind the movie – it’s coming to a street near you soon!

    We all know this film plot pretty-much inside out by now. A criminal gang that sets out to steal hundreds of cars, each in under 60 seconds, using the latest in high-tech gadgets to facilitate their heist.

    But for David Beckham, Hollywood fiction became a reality when in April 2006 criminals used a simple laptop and RFID scanner to crack the electronic door locks of his BMW X5.

    Once the locks were cracked they then fired up the ignition and drove away – gone in just 15 minutes! And for those interested in such matters…

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