Movie Review: Valentine’s Day

What happens when  you take over a dozen well known celebrities, sprinkle them with gooey moments and bring back Garry Marshall, one of romantic-comedy’s greatest directors. Marshall is responsible for “Pretty Woman”, “Princess Diaries”, “Runaway Bride” and the landmark “Beaches”. He also created “Happy Days”, “Mork & Mindy” and Laverne & Shirley”.

Marshall maybe a brilliant creator but he isnt without his faults. This guy also brought disasters like “Exit to Eden” and “Dear God”.

Marshall’s first romantic comedy came in early 1980s with a movie called “Young Doctors in Love” which was basically part MASH, part Grey’s Anatomy blended with 80s cheese. It was fun for its time.

If you go back and look at the movie now it actually has a very eclectic cast of comedians from Dabney Coleman to Michael Richards to Taylor Negron to Michael McKean.

Believe it or not it stars Sean Young and for me anyone who can make that woman funny is a genius in my mind. I suggest you Netflix it!

Marshall’s latest foray into the romantic-comedy genre seems to reunite him with some of the talent he helped forge mixed with new faces pulled from pop music, TV and new popular movies.

This movie is a who’s who in the world romantic comedies. The only person missing was Reese Witherspoon.

The movie centers around Reed, a florist (Ashton Kutcher) who is trying to survive his busiest day of the year after he proposed to his girlfriend, Morely (Jessica Alba). The writing is on the wall to everyone else but  Reed who knows that Morley is just plain wrong for him.

Then the movie leap frogs around to a star athlete (Eric Dane), his publicist (Jessica Biel), a phone sex operator (Anne Hathaway) and her boyfriend (Topher Grace).

Oh and in case that wasnt cute enough we have Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner sucking face in everyone of their high school scenes.

There are other storylines with Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts and Jamie Foxx.

Basically this movie is let’s take a dozen or more celebs put them in a blender and while it is on the chop cycle pour in a case of bonbons.

It is basically Hollywood’s version of “Love Actually” except faker!

The cuteness of the movie almost made me heave. But pushing past all the red vinyl balloon hearts I have to say some parts of it surprised me. After Taylor Swift’s first scene I would have to say she played her ditzy blonde cheerleader quite well. I liked the two twists at the end and even some of the sillier jokes.

This movie is a lot like the holiday it is trying to represent. Fake, stylized but paved with good intentions. It is what it is.

(2.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Valentine’s Day

  1. Every year some yahoo director tries to remake “Love Actually” — which is one of the few romantic comedies I do like — and inevitably they screw it up by throwing in too many characters, too many stories and too little originality. Blecch. Let’s call a moratorium on “Love Actually: Redux,” shall we?

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