Retro Review: Bad Company

The “Rock” and the “Relic” try to thwart a nuclear weapon bound for America. Hmm, doesn’t that sound familiar?

“Bad Company” stars Chris Rock as Jake Hayes; a street-hustler who finds himself absorbed into a branch of the CIA when his twin brother is killed. Jake’s brother’s handler Gaylord Oakes (Anthony Hopkins) has less than a week to trim and prep this arrogant mouthy twin into a secret agent so that together they can fool a terrorist and stop the purchase of a nuclear device.

From the moment I found out this movie was about twins and spies; I cringed. I shook my head as the plot unveils and you see every spy cliché in Hollywood history used. The only thing missing was Chris Rock having a “secret agent watch-gadget”.

From producer Jerry Bruckheimer, I at least expected some slim pacing and oozing action adrenaline. Well there isn’t either. The film starts off like a previous Bruckheimer spy film, “Enemy of the State” then has elements of “Ronin” and then it becomes “Peacemaker” but throughout you are so bored that you may begin counting the bumps in the theatre ceiling. The only real element that tore me away from counting was the quick mouth of Chris Rock.

Rock is one of those comedians that Hollywood doesn’t seem to know what to do with. He isn’t Eddie Murphy and he isn’t Martin Lawrence so Hollywood seems confused. I think what Rock needs is to develop his own projects.

Hopkins is way out of his element. In every scene you can see him yawning till his eyes water. This man is a deep actor and this material is beneath him. What made me smirk was watching Hopkins trying to run to his car. This man doesn’t run but waddle. I was waiting for the heart attack or the death of Hopkins about half way through but to my dismay I was yet again disappointed. If Hopkins ever does another one of these pictures please make him a mastermind who sits behind a desk.

Any way you look at this picture you see a bad film. There is no suspense, the whole twin angle is laughable, and the film’s photography is uninspiring. Director Joel Schumacher has made some interesting films in his career it’s a shame he is will be most remembered as the man who killed Batman. Schumacher rebounded in 2000 with “Tigerland” and his discovery of Irish-born actor Colin Farrell. But with “Bad Company”, Schumacher could be sinking back down. Let’s hope his next film is a doozy.

The only saving grace in this picture is Chris Rock who has some funny moments but really needs an appropriate project for his unique charm.

(1 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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