Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter

“Are you telling me that I will get $5000 if I pickup my ex-wife and bring her to jail?”

Those are the words that Gerard Butler says when his boss offers him the job of a lifetime. It basically makes him squeal with glee. In “The Bounty Hunter”, Gerard is just that a bounty hunter named Milo, who has to track down his ex-wife  Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) and haul her ass back to jail.

The plot to the film is pretty simple until we realize that his ex-wife is actually a “Lois Lane” type reporter who has discovered a lead into a murder cover up. On top of that plot, you also have a bookie (Cathy Moriarty) trying to get her money back from Milo.

The movie makes some rather odd turns as Milo’s motive seems to switch in the movie every 15 minutes. One minute he wants nothing more than dump his wife off at jail and the next he is either gambling in a casino or spending the night with his ex in a honeymoon cabin.

The chemistry between Aniston and Butler is undeniable and as heavy as a piece of toast covered in crunchy peanut butter. But where I believed that Butler could be his character, I didn’t believe for a second that Aniston was who she said she was.

One of the best lines from the movie is where the couple is trying to sneak into a posh country club and they say that they are a senator and his wife. Aniston then jokingly says “I used to be a model.” And the woman says back to her, “How long ago was that?” That line kind of sums up Aniston in this movie. She is a poser. Playing with her hair, batting her eyes and wiggling her bottom, Aniston tries to pull out all the stops but really she just gets more and more lost here. She is no Sandra Bullock.

In some ways, this flick kind of reminded me of the Sandra Bullock flick, “Forces of Nature.” And in that flick, Bullock’s character is exactly what Aniston should have been here except a reporter. A girl with that much tenacity and sass.

Yes, the main point of the film is turn hate into love and have these mismatched delinquents find matrimony once more. Personally, after the credits roll I give the relationship a week at best then they will be on the Maury Povich show screaming at each other with a headline like “Bounty Hunters Need Love Too.”

Also what is with this film’s title, that has got to be the plainest and dullest title in recent memory. Why not call it something like “Love on the Run” or something sassier. “the Bounty Hunter” sounds like it should star “Dog the Bounty Hunter” in his own flick. If the movie would have starred Dog, that could have been a better movie.

The movie is directed Andy Tennant who directed fun rom-coms like “Hitch” and “Sweet Home Alabama” but also is responsible for “Fool’s Gold” and “Fool’s Rush In.” “Bounty Hunter” lies somewhere in the middle of these hits and misses. It does have some genuine moments and sadly this film is probably the best of the Gerard Butler’s attempts at making a romantic comedy, the other being “The Ugly Truth” and that’s not saying much.

2.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

One thought on “Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter

  1. Until Gerard Butler stops making these moronic romantic comedies I can’t like him. Just. Can’t. Do. It.

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