Movie Review: Ninja Assassin

Asian pop superstar “Rain” stars as a young assassin seeking vengeance on the clan who trained home to be a lethal weapon. So I guess is ” who will stop the Rain?”

The film echoes Kung Fu with David Carradine and almost every Van Damme movie. However it is better than I gave it credit for.

The flashback sequences of a young “Rain” growing up are hard to resist even though they ooze with cliche.

There are also two Interpol agents Coupling’s Ryan Miles and Naomie Harris chasing “Rain” and their scenes are deadly boring.

This whole angle is a complete waste of time. You just want Rain, Rain, all the time.

Action sequences are fluid, brave and stunning. Kind of reminded me of what the action scenes should have been in that old TV series “The Master” with Lee Van Cleef.

Speaking of that old TV series, the big bad from that show martial arts legend Sho Kosugi is also the big bad in this movie. They also kick ass way more than any other ninja movie starring Michael Dudikoff.

His first mission is the bloodiest bathroom scene since Viggo stripped down in Eastern Promises or the opening scene from Casino Royale.

The movie reminded of how fun ninja films were. God I miss the kung fu comics of the 1970s.

(3.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer

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