WTF NEWS??: Drunk Muppets invade GSN


Please note this article is from hollywood and not written by yours truly.

GSN is bringing another crop of Jim Henson Company puppets to TV.

“Late Night Liars” is billed as a raunchy comedy game show featuring an assortment of non-Muppet puppets joining actor-comedian host Larry Miller. According to the release, each episode has two human contestants facing off against a panel of four “celebrity puppets” who are also drunk and telling half-truths and —

Is this for real?

OK … It’s basically humans vs. wasted puppets game show with a comedian host. Got it.

Though this quote doesn’t really make matters less surreal:

“I look forward to working with GSN and Henson Alternative to carry on the wonderful tradition of game shows such as ‘Hollywood Squares’ and ‘Match Game’ that gave me so much pleasure as a kid,” said Miller. “Jim Henson made a great discovery many years ago when he realized that pretending puppets are people is far easier than dealing with people who are puppets.”

“Late Night Liars” debuts June 10 at 11 p.m. and is produced through the “Henson Alternative” division of the late Jim Henson’s company (the division that was presumably created to produce shows with naughty puppets).

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