Retro Review: The Perfect Storm

A powerful true story that will leave you breathless. Storm is way more than a “Twister” remake with waves.

George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and John C Reilly star as proud Massachusetts ‘s fishermen who are trying to get in one huge haul before the fishing season ends. Their ship is called the Andrea Gail and she is captained by Billy Tyne played by Clooney, who seems to be obsessed with overcoming his recent set of fishing bad patches.

Wahlberg’s character is the Andrea Gail’s rookie Bobby Shatford, who dreams of starting over with his new girlfriend, Christina (Diane Lane). As for Reilly, he plays Dale Murphy, the Gail’s seasoned crew member trying to support his estranged wife and child. What lies in the path of these three desperate men is the largest hurricane the Atlantic coast has ever seen.

“Perfect Storm” is an almost perfect film delivering adrenaline, heart and a lot of amazing visuals. Its just amazing how much involved we get with these sea dogs. The special effects teams behind the wizardry of those tornadoes in “Twister” bring their magic to a lot of amazing sea scenes. I have never seen visuals like these ones. Those waves and sea scenes will amaze, shock and delight every viewer.

I loved the portrayals of Clooney and Wahlberg who once more seem to continue their exploration of different characters. Clooney’s rugged sea captain down of his luck reminded me of a mellow intense Captain Ahab as if played by Harrison Ford. Clooney definitely has huge potential to become the kind of rugged hero actor that honed the careers of Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood.

As for Wahlberg he continues to amaze me. This young actor has come such a long way from his Calvin Klein ads. This guy always brings a human tenderness to every character he plays and this it is this valued asset that makes him a joy to watch. I can’t wait to see what he does next. Here’s hoping he does that “Planet of the Apes” movie with Tim Burton.

Another admiration I had for this film was the studio’s commitment to bring into the film the lives and thrills of being a member of the US Coast Guard. These thrilling scenes bring us outside the lives of the fishermen and deep into what the storm is actually like. Who can forget those poor Coast Guards trying to find each other in those giant waves. Wow, what a job.

This film delivers respect and admiration for the men and women who brave the Atlantic Ocean each and every day to make a living. I know I have a new found respect. I lift my glass to you.

(4.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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