Retro Review: Blue Crush

I recently read an editorial in one of my local newspapers which spoke about feminist values and how women were being down-graded in the promotion for the film, “Blue Crush”.

This editorial went on to discuss how all the ad campaigns were trying to depict a film of about “hot women in bikinis and hardly nothin’ on”. Had this editorial journalist actually seen the film she was so irate about? Had she even seen any of the ads about the film?

Okay, I will go out on a limb here and say yes the poster of beautiful Kate Bosworth headlining this film has been plastered everywhere but from the television ads I have been exposed to all I saw was surfing and how women can be just as good as the guys if not better. I would have to say this journalist watch the movie before burning your bra. Now can we dive right into the review?

The film begins with a horrendous surfing wipeout as a shocked Anne-Marie (Kate Bosworth of TV’s short-lived television series “Young Americans”) awakens. Anne-Marie lives with her two best friends, Eden (Michelle Rodriguez of “The Fast & the Furious”) and Lena (Sanoe Lake). Anne-Marie also has to look after her younger sister, Penny (Mika Boorem of “The Patriot”) who also lives with the girls.

The three older girls are avid surfers but its Anne-Marie’s dream of becoming a professional surfer that fuels their passion. The film reaches a crossroads when Anne-Marie is swept off her feet by a shining NFL quarterback, Matt (Matthew Davis of “Legally Blonde” & “Pearl Harbor”) and she has to decide between two worlds.

“Blue Crush” is a strong story about girls, their friendships and their life decisions. These are strong characters and there is some real life in the troubles they face every day. I really liked how the film allows us to see that following your dream isn’t all milk and cookies but a struggle. This film is sort of a “Coyote Ugly” for surfer girls.

All my male friends out there will flinch and moan as mushy details and revelations happen to the girls. This is a film more about women than about “Baywatch”. This film is nothing like the editorial journalist describes if anything it’s something all girls should see. I also liked some of the dialogue where the girls kept comparing Anne-Marie to “Baywatch Barbie”. This isn’t Baywatch and it never assumes to be, thank god.

I liked new-comer Kate Bosworth and I am sure that she will become the new “it” girl. At only 19, Kate does have a lot of time to mold into an actress. Let’s hope she goes the Reese Witherspoon or Kirsten Dunst route.

I also loved a lot of the camera work when the surfing sequences. There are some shots that I have no idea how they did them. It must have been a zoom lens to get that inside the surfing world. There are also shots underneath the water as the wave shifts flinging the surfer that I have no idea how it was accomplished.

We as the audience could feel the crush of the water which helps to understand Anne-Marie. There were some of the final technical shots that I did wince at because I wasn’t sure if it was the actual actress in the close-ups. It sort of looked like someone digitized her head on a body. Let me know what you think.

My problems with the film mainly lied in the dynamics of the film’s love story. It’s predictable sure but this time it’s presented smart and tasteful.

I also felt that there were sections that dragged some. For the most part it made me smile because some stuffy editorial journalist should eat her column because she can’t be further from the truth.

(3.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer

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