Movie Review: Ca$h (2010)

What is a budget? How can it help or hinder you lifestyle? And can two cents buy what it used to? Those are questions we think about every time we look at our pay stub.

Well imagine what would happen if a hitman had an accountant complex and counted every nickel and dime as though it were life and death.

Ca$h is life.

Sean Bean stars are Pyke Kubic, a gangster who comes to Chicago to help his twin brother out a jam. His brother was involved in a robbery for over half a million dollars.

While being chased by the cops, his brother dumped the ca$h and  it landed in the hands of newlywed Sam Phelan (Chris Hemsworth).

Pyke traces the money back to Sam and his pretty wife Leslie (Victoria Profeta). The couple had went on a spending spree and spent over $75,000.

Basically for the rest of the movie, the hitman teaches the couple about the value of money and how every penny is priceless. It’s a crazy ride that pushes the couple into all sorts of directions.

Sean Bean is one of those underrated actors who is amazing in anything he is in especially if he’s playing a guy who takes no crap from anyone.

Bean is electric in his portrayal of an obsessive-compulsive hitman who must have every penny not matter the cost.

Other than his role of Captain Kirk’s dad on Star Trek, this was the first time I had ever seen Chris Hemsworth in a movie.

This film is one of things Kenneth Branagh watched before choosing him to play THOR in the upcoming Marvel comic movie. Chris definitely has range and you can see potential but as for being impressed I will have to wait on that. I am still mixed on the young actor.

One of the surprising things about the film was the performance by newcomer Victoria Profeta who does a remarkable job of standing up to Bean in the movie and in some scenes even kicks Hemsworth to the curb. She can plays every side of this newly married wife, from sexy and innocent to wild and unpredictable. She really impressed me. Why doesn’t this actress have more work lined up?

I liked Ca$h even though the movie in places was very predictable and the whole aspect of Sean Bean playing both brothers really bugged me.

3.5 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

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