Retro Review: Black Knight

The classic Mark Twain tale of “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” is re-imagined with a new comic twist. This time starring Martin Lawrence.

Lawrence stars as Jamal Walker, a disgruntled “Medieval World” amusement park employee who accidentally falls into the amusement park’s putrid moat after reaching for a necklace inside.

When Jamal swims up to surface he finds himself in a very strange land. That very strange land happens to be fourteenth century England.

Looks like unlikely hero Jamal will embark upon a history lesson of epic proportions. Well maybe if he could only learn how to ride a horse.

Surprisingly “Black Knight” is one of the funniest Martin Lawrence comedies ever. I was surprised at how much I laughed at Lawrence’s misadventures in the Middle Ages. The jokes are very well placed and Lawrence’s annoying comedic timing is right at home. I mean the people reacting off him and Lawrence trying to relate to those harsh times in history is brilliant.

I also loved how the film doesn’t allow Lawrence’s character to realize he is in the Middle Ages right away. I loved how the film ends with a very interesting and hysterical surprise that whole aspect and element is utterly priceless. It still makes me laugh today.

After the onslaught of “gross-out” comedies, Lawrence’s fresh take on a classic is a welcomed relief. This is a light fluffy comedy that sure to make people laugh without feeling guilty.

I think the success of this comedy may lie in the film’s director. Gil Junger has directed over 600 episodes of television sit-coms including hit series like “Golden Girls”, “Soap” and “Dharma and Greg”. Junger is also half of the dynamic producing team of television’s “Junger and Witt” who have been producing hit comedies for over 25 years.

Junger knows comedic timing and veteran experience is very evident in this comedy.

“Black Knight” is a definite surprise.

(3.5 of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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