10 Actresses to Watch & Why 2010: Part One


Name: Bridget Regan

Born: 3 February 1982, San Diego County, California, USA

Credits: Legend of the Seeker

Interest: Bridget first came to my attention as the strong heroine of the cult series “Legend of the Seeker.” She played Kahlen Amnell, a woman sworn to protect the hero known as the Seeker (Craig Horner). The forbidden love between Kahlen and Seeker was one of the most complicated, multi-dimensional and best relationships I have seen in genre television. Not since Buffy/Angel, Robin/Marian or The Doctor/Rose have I had seen a relationship that brought me to tears and left me so fulfilled. The crime was that Legend of the Seeker wasn’t allowed to last longer than 2 seasons.

Future projects: Bridget has moved on to the comedy The Best and the Brightest with Neil Patrick Harris and Bonnie Somerville. I really hope Hollywood doesn’t forget Bridget because I really think that Bridget Regan has the talent to be an A-List celebrity.

What she needs to succeed: I think since DC Comics is seriously in the hunt to cast a Wonder Woman movie I think Bridget would be perfect for this role. Her dazzling blue eyes, ever-glowing presence and ability to handle stunts and kick butt make her a perfect candidate. I also think Wonder Woman has to go to a relative unknown which makes Bridget perfect. Watch the video below and tell me Bridget shouldn’t be Wonder Woman!


Name: Jessica Stroup

Born: 23 October 1986, Anderson, South Carolina, USA

Credits: Prom Night, 90210

Interest: Jessica is the first returnee on our list this year. She was ranked #5 last year. Jessica I still believe is the best part of The CW’s 90210. The problem is since she is too good for the show and her storylines are a waste of her talent it was so difficult to watch her this past season. C’mon the whole Teddy love story? Now with EW’s Ausiello revealing that one of three guys will turn out to be gay next season (Teddy, Liam, Navid), you just know it’s gonna be Teddy.

Future projects: Jessica will be moving into the fourth season this fall and the show is in desperate need of a creative resurgence. The third season was Gossip Girl bad. Here’s hoping Jessica gets more screen time this season.

What she needs to succeed: Jessica needs to seek out those independent roles she was looking for during the first and second season. She has become the target of paparazzi after clinging so close to co-star Anna-Lynne McCord. Jessica needs to pull back and refocus on finding some challenging parts.



Name: Alice Eve

Born: 6 February 1982, London, England, UK

Credits: Crossing Over, She’s Out of My League, Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Interest: I first noticed Alice in the political border drama Crossing Over with Harrison Ford and Jim Sturges. Actually if you see the flick she is pretty hard to miss. After that flick you kind of wonder if she was going to be an interesting actress or disappear faster than Erika Christensen. This feisty Brit isn’t going away anytime soon. She just proved that hot girls can be cool too in the surprisingly funny and charming comedy She’s Out of My League with Jay Baruchel. In that movie she gave Jay a run for his money in some scenes. Her next movie was Sex & the City 2 where she had a memorable but small role.

Future projects: She’s just been cast in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class as the very sexy ice queen Emma Frost. Let’s just hope they cast a Cyclops that is worthy of Alice’s affections.

What she needs to succeed: If the reboot to X-Men works then Alice will be on her way.



Name: Amber Heard

Born: 22 April 1986, Austin, Texas, USA

Credits: Never Back Down, Pineapple Express, Zombieland

Interest: Amber is the second returnee on the list. She was #6 last year. Amber went through a couple hairstyle changes this past year as she tried to avoid the cameras. After doing four films in 2009, Amber seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle. She finished off 2009 with the very funny Zombieland, where she played well a zombie. Also she co-starred in the remake of The Stepfather with “most boring cast member on Gossip Girl” Penn Badgeley. (OK, that is my second Gossip Girl slam in a row. I smell an article coming.)

Future projects: Getting back to Amber, she has two movies from 2010 that seem to have stalled and could end up going straight to video (And Soon the Darkness & The River Why). However she does have John Carpenter’s The Ward coming in September. Not to mention she is front and centre in the 3D action flick, Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage.

What she needs to succeed: She is starring opposite Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary. If Rum Diary doesn’t put her over the edge then nothing will.



Name: Ashley Greene

Born: 21 February 1987, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Credits: Skateland,The Twilight Saga

Interest: Forget the tabloid talent of the Twilight Saga, Ashley is the best part of the movies series. As Alice Cullen, Ashley is the brightest, wittiest, quirkiest and most beautiful of the pale vampire ladies. Not to mention she has been becoming a hot attraction in magazines and on the red carpet. This actress is white hot.

In every scene in the Twilight movies, she outshines everyone. It really is a pity that more people aren’t recognizng the talent of this young actress. This chick has all the wattage of becoming a mega-star!

Besides Twilight, Ashley is also broading her horizons with meatier roles like in her just released first non-Twilight movie where she has a starring role, Skateland. The dramedy looks like the kind of material Ashley should be clinging to post-Twilight. If she does do more movies like Skateland, she’ll have a long career.

Future projects: Ashley has the high-concept comedy Butter with fellow white-hot actress Olivia Wilde not to mention Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner. She also has the horror flick Appartiton and the comedy LOL with Miley Cyrus and Thomas Jane. Oh and of course there is the double-bill Twilight finale: Breaking Dawn. She is one busy girl.

What she needs to succeed: Well she is doing it: red carpet sightings, sexy photo spreads, a secure film franchise and meatier roles. Now if only Kristen Stewart would get out of her way. Time will tell with this one. Personally I think she’s gonna be around longer than Kristen. Go, Ashley Go!

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