10 Actors to Watch & Why 2010: Part One


Name: Taylor Kitsch

Born: 8 April 1981, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Credits: X-Men Origins: Wolverine / The Covenant / Snakes on a Plane

Interest: I first noticed Taylor Kitsch in 2006 in the overtly silly but entertainging movie The Covenant. But really it was his turn as rebellious high school football star Tim Riggins in the TV version of the critically acclaimed Friday Night Lights that got him noticed.

Taylor hasn’t been around that long but the potential I see in him as a leading man in Friday Night Lights. My hope for Taylor did diminish a little with his performance in Wolverine, however.

Future projects: 2012 could be the year that puts on the Hollywood A-List or at least make him the next Sam Worthington.

Taylor will be at the fore-front of the first live-action/animated Pixar movie directed by Wall-E Andrew Stanton. Taylor is starring as the title character in John Carter of Mars, based on the classic books by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The movie is legendary because it has been in development 73 years. Taylor’s next movie after that will have him teaming with director Peter Berg for his “based on a boardgame” movie, Battleship.

What he needs to succeed: Taylor really needs John Carter of Mars to be the next Avatar. It has the potential and with Pixar’s lucky streak of hit movies still intact all the pieces are there. Let’s hope it pays off.



Name: Jim Sturgess

Born: 16 May 1978, England, UK

Credits: 21 / Across the Universe / The Other Boleyn Girl / Crossing Over

Interest: Jim is easily one of the most underrated actors working in Hollywood. Playing a whiz kid cardshark in “21” got him on the map. He followed it up with powerful performances in Across the Universe and Crossing Over. But 2008’s Fifty Dead Men Walking solidified Jim as on the greats. His performance in that movie was riveting and it is quite the feat when you can keep Ben Kingsley in check.

Future projects: Jim has a lot of very interesting projects on the horizon.

First up he will star alongside Colin Farrell as a Gulag escapee in Peter Weir’s The Way Back. It is basically it’s a prison movie set in Siberia. (Anybody remember the movie Gulag with David Keith? So underrated!) then he goes to Israel with director Michael Winterbottom for Promised Land.

After these serious drama, Jim mixes it up in a rom-com with Anne Hathaway called One Day. After that he’ll get turned “Upside Down” in a sci-fi love story about a man searching an alternate universes for a long-lost love from his youth. It is supposed to co-star Kirsten Dunst. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

What he needs to succeed: Jim’s resume just keeps getting more impressive. He could have a glorious career just by doing interesting and diverse projects like he has lined up. But what he really needs is a high-profile Hollywood hit.



Name: Alexander Skarsgard

Born: 25 August 1976, Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Credits: Zoolander / Wings of Glass / The Dog Trick / True Blood

Interest: Four seasons into True Blood the HBO vamp series just keeps getting hotter and hotter. I do wonder how long until it burns itself out. Alex is in the middle of this series as the twisted vampire Eric Northman.

His cold, seductive and unforgiving performance in the series has made him not only the subject of the tabloids but one of the hottest followed hunks on the web. It helps when you have a TV series.

Future projects: Next year, Alex will have his chance on the big screen. He is tapped to star in the remake of Straw Dogs with Kate Bosworth and James Marsden directed by Rod Lurie.

He’ll team up with super eccentric director Lars Von Trier for the sci-fi flick Melancholia. And finally he’s also going to board Peter Berg’s potential blockbuster Battleship in 2012

What he needs to succeed: Too soon to tell. Alex needs to be tested and in a big way.



Name: Jesse Eisenberg

Born: 5 October 1983, New York City, New York, USA

Credits: Zombieland / Adventureland / Rodger Dodger / Solitary Man

Interest: The first time I saw Jesse he was starring alongside a young Anne Hathaway in the short-lived but touching 1999 FOX series Get Real. Jesse played Anne’s whiny virginal brother.

Next he made a brilliant performance in Rodger Dodger opposite Campbell Scott. Jesse has shown up as a supporter in many other movies from The Villiage to Cursed to The Hunting Party.

He doesn’t seem to stray too far from the character he played in Get Real. That character has even followed him to his latest projects Adventureland, Zombieland and Solitary Man.

Future projects: The movie that could make Jesse a full-fledged star is his next feature, the highly anticipated David Fincher directed movie The Social Network.

Jesse plays controversial Facebook creator Mark Zutterberg. This could be the role that could do it for Jesse. He’s got an eclectic bunch of movies coming up as well including a Zombieland sequel.

What he needs to succeed: If Social Network is as good as the hype and it becomes David Fincher’s first real chance at an Oscar, then Jesse just has to ride the wave!



Name: Jason O’Mara

Born: 6 August 1972, Dublin, Ireland

Credits: Resident Evil: Extinction / Life on Mars / The Agency

Interest: Jason was ranked #10 last year and even with the now aborted Life on Mars. I still moved him up the ladder. Jason is one of those untapped actors which studios and networks seem to forget about.

Jason has the ability to be a leading man without really trying. His dashing good looks and charisma just resonates in everything he does.

It really is a shame that Life on Mars got canceled but at least we got a pseudo-ending for the show. It’s just the hero image he projected in that show really needs to breakout into something else. He makes a wicked hero!

Future projects: Jason is tapped to head up another science-fiction series this fall called Terra Nova. The series is the brainchild of Steven Spielberg, Star Trek’s Brannon Braga and Buffy’s David Fury.

The series follow a family of scientists from 2149 who journey back to prehistoric times. It’s basically Land of the Lost meets Lost in Space meets Jurassic Park. Jason will play the patriarch of the family. No one else has been cast yet.

This super expensive series has the feel of gem that no one will watch. But the connections involved in the series might help Jason springboard into something more lucrative. My guess is the show won’t make it past it’s first season.

What she needs to succeed: Like I said last year, Jason needs is an action franchise. He needs a film like Bourne or like say The Transporter. Someone should introduce him to Luc Besson, Guy Ritchie or Matthew Vaughn.

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