Retro Review: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

The 4th computer-animated film of 2001 blasts into your multiplex this Friday. If you haven’t heard about this film I guarantee that every child you know under 12 has. Go, Jimmy, Go.

“Jimmy Neutron” is a mathematical whiz, a rocket engineer, a test-pilot, a robot dog-owner and an inventor.

The crazy thing is Jimmy hasn’t even reached puberty yet. Jimmy wants more than anything to contact an alien species. He sends a message out into space asking for aliens to come visit him. Sadly, Jimmy’s message is intercepted by some aliens who would rather eat humans than talk to them.

Before Jimmy knows it the whole neighborhood’s adults are abducted and it’s up to the “boy genius” himself to send a rescue mission. Jimmy teams up with all the kids and builds an armada to bring all the parents back home.

“Jimmy Neutron” looks pretty goofy and silly to a mature eye but within this little animated film beats the heart of a child’s imagination. Neutron radiates brilliant imaginative story-telling as it weaves classic sci-fi and fantasy threads.

There are a lot of references to “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, “Mission: Impossible”, “Jetsons” and maybe even some “Malcolm in the Middle”. The style of animation is like plugging your favorite Saturday morning cartoon into a hyperdrive.

Jimmy isn’t as cute or as sensitive as “Monsters Inc.” or as funny as “Shrek”. Those qualities seem to be the three most important things for a film to reach all ages. It doesn’t apply to Jimmy however. But be assured this is one you can drop the kids off to and not worry. They will love you for it.

It was interesting listening for who the star voices were of the two lead aliens. But by far the most interesting part of Jimmy Neutron is how much fun the film will be for youngsters.

(3 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer

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