Not much change the landscape in the Sunday night lineup. Sunday night favorites like Fox’s Animation Domination (Sept 26), Desperate Housewives (Sept 26) and the Amazing Race (Sept 26) all return.

SHOWDOWNS: The biggest change coming to Sunday will be CBS trying to squeeze CSI: Miami into the 10 pm slot. The crime procedural moves from Mondays and will have to battle the second half of NBC’s Sunday night Football and ABC’s tear-jerker series Brothers and Sisters. So look out David Caruso because John Madden and Calista Flockhart are gunning for you.

WILD CARDS: The biggest shakeup to Sunday will come in midseason when NBC loses football when the NFL season comes to an end. NBC has a lot of new shows slated for midseason to fill the gap. During this series as we look at the fall I hope to cover all the unscheduled gems that we need to be on the look out for. NBC probably has the most interesting unscheduled lineup. The first of this series of specials is below featuring the quirky dramedy LOVE BITES.

WHAT’S ON CABLE: Sunday has also become a feeding ground for  cable series. HBO’s juggernaut’s TRUE BLOOD and ENTOURAGE are about to wrap their seasons and Martin Scorsese’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE is on the way. FX’s season 3 of SONS OF ANARCHY is in full swing as well as SHOWTIME’s DEXTER and WEEDS. BOARDWALK looks to be another monster for HBO which brings Martin Scorsese back to the gangster genre and it stars Steve Buscemi. Marty even directed the pilot. Also watch for a turbulent season on Sons of Anarchy as the series pulls out all the stops and promises to shake the SOA Motorcycle Club to its core.

BEST OF UNSCHEDULED: One of the series that has yet to get a premiere date is NBC’s interesting new dramedy series LOVE BITES, from the creator of Sex & the City, Cindy Chupsack.  It is sort of a romantic comedy anthology series and stars the very cute and a star-in-the-making Becki Newton (right). I am really hoping this series finally debuts because even as a guy I am excited to see it. It looks smart and enduring.

Here is a look at the series:

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