HITS: Moving Big Bang Theory to Thursday nights is just shall I say a no-brainer. CBS’s biggest comedy hit sent to clinch the biggest night on television. The only problem with this move is that CSI is starting to show signs of age and Laurence Fishburne’s addition doesn’t nearly draw in as many viewers as the show used to.

MISSES: Nikita. I just don’t see this show lasting like do we really need another version Le Femme Nikita. I am personally a big fan of Maggie Q but she deserves better. Oh also ABC’s My Generation? Boring!

SHOWDOWNS: First of all we have Big Bang vs. Community. Sadly I have say Community will be trashed this season even though it was NBC’s best comedy last season. CSI vs. The Office. Well this year is Steve Carell’s swan song on the show so look for it to get a bump that is sure to rock CSI.

BEST OF NOT SCHEDULED: Donald Trump is one seriously powerful man if he can keep his Apprentice on the air. But when Apprentice ends look for NBC to go quickly to one of their midseason replacements. Watch for NBC to shuffle in LOVE BITES, THE CAPE or HARRY’S LAW to replace it.

The Cape looks like one of the promising series from NBC’s new lineup. But why does the show remind me so much of that other superhero show, NIGHTMAN.

Harry’s Law is another interesting entry. Kathy Bates, Brittany Snow and Ben Chaplin star in yet another unconventional courtroom drama from the mind of David E Kelley. Basically this show hopes to pick up where Boston Legal left off.

Finally there is OUTSOURCED which in my mind will quickly build a following given its timeslot placement. It will quickly become NBC’s latest comedy hit. If NBC brings back Parks and Recreation, couple that with Community, The Office and Outsourced. Must See TV could be back. If not there is always that new Paul Reiser show they are threatening to shove down out throats.

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