Retro Review: Stuck on You

The far-out Farrelly Brothers are back.

Still fondly remembered for helming such huge comedies as “There’s Something About Mary” and “Dumb & Dumber”, the Brothers have found little success in their latest outings.

Treading very closely to their previous film, “Shallow Hal”, the Brothers tackle the subject of conjoined twins.

Let the mayhem begin.

“Stuck On You” tells the story of Martha’s Vineyard conjoined twins, Bob (Matt Damon) and Walt (Greg Kinnear) who have a special connection as brothers even beside the fact that they are conjoined.

Walt dreams of being an actor and decides that he wants to try his luck in Hollywood. He has to convince his brother to make the journey.

Walt’s dream is powerful and before they know it they are booking into a motel in Los Angeles. Bob has also came to LA to eventually meet his 3-year Internet girlfriend May (Wenn Yann Shih).

Walt and Bob meet a struggling actress and model, April (Eva Mendes) and are eventually discovered by superstar Cher.

How will their misadventures in tinsel-town work out? Does Walt have what it takes?

I was very surprised by “Stuck on You”. The Farrelly’s seem very bored in their depiction of the life of Bob & Walt. There is very little smart dialogue or genuine laughs. It was just frustrating on how shockingly unfunny this film was.

The performances from both Damon and Kinnear are first rate, however.Their relationship and chemistry wasn’t hilarious but engaging. Each of them makes the best of this bad situation.

I also liked the performance of new-comer Wenn Yann Shih who seems to have quite a natural take and on-screen quality and will probably float above this kind of material.

The whole idea of going to Hollywood in a movie is such a bad thing for this film. It could have been funnier possibly if maybe they wanted to be on Broadway instead. Hollywood setting a comedy in tinsel-town is always a hard thing to watch. The struggle, back-stabbing and how unglamorous the real tinsel-town is just isn’t funny. So many other comedies have struggled with the idea and “Stuck on You” is no exception.

Even the typical Farrelly humor seems to have disappeared from this film. There were hardly any goofy or vulgar jokes, which is probably why the film is “PG”. Come on a Farrelly Brothers film that’s PG, that’s not a Farrelly movie. Bring back the real Farrelly’s.

(2 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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