Retro Review: Bounce

Hollywood’s famous “are we” or “aren’t we” couple team up for a little touch of romance in Bounce.

Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow star in “Bounce” a story involving a man whose guilt brings him into the life of plane crash victim’s wife.

One snowy night in Chicago, three displaced travelers meet. One of the travelers is Buddy, a cocky advertising whiz played by Ben Affleck, another is his striking acquaintance, Mimi (Natasha Henstridge).

The couple of Mimi and Buddy meet Greg (Tony Goldwyn), a promising playwright who is trying very hard to get home to his wife and two sons.

When Greg looks like he will miss a very special moment with his family when his flight is delayed, Buddy gives him his boarding pass.

Greg is ecstatic and tells Buddy he has saved his marriage. Later that night Greg’s flight explodes into a fireball over Kansas and leaves Buddy plagued with Greg’s death.

Some time passes and Buddy becomes an alcoholic and only half the man he was.

After rehab he decides as part of his redemption he would look in on Greg’s wife, Abby (Gwyneth Paltrow) and make sure she is taken care of.

Bounce is tender, delicate and well written. Affleck is as good here as he was in “Chasing Amy” which proves the boy can act. Paltrow is always a joy to watch and seems to find strength, and passion in every role she takes on.

I loved their chemistry. This film will definitely add to the mystery that is this couple’s real-life relationship.

Unlike a lot of my colleagues, I had a lot of trouble with the whole premise of the film.

Through a lot of the film I felt that Affleck’s Buddy was just getting more and more in trouble as he continued his relationship with Abby.

I would catch myself screaming, “What are you doing there?”

As the film progressed into it’s love story mold I would forget about the circumstance that brought them together and I would marvel at this couple’s chemistry. I really wanted the secret Buddy held to come out gently and slowly instead of the way the film dropped the bomb.

Some of us may remember the Harrison Ford vehicle “Random Hearts” where a couple try to put their lives together after they find out their spouses were having an affair and died in a plane crash.

For the first half of Bounce I waited for utter depression to consume the movie like what happened in “Random Hearts” but I was quite pleased that the film circled that pit but never fell in.

I really hope that Affleck and Paltrow work on another film because in here they are great together.

(3.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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