Retro Review: Drumline

Written: December 14, 2002

What happens when you take a rebellious young kid give him a snare drum, talent and a storyline similar to the cheerleading comedy “Bring it On”. One word: DRUMLINE.

In the new comedy, “Drumline”, Devon Miles (Nick Cannon) is immortal when he brings forth magic when he beats his snare drum.

A university who is dire need of a star drummer for its struggling marching band notices Devon and they quickly offer Devon a scholarship. Devon thinks he has it made until he runs face-first into the marching band’s conductor Dr. Aaron Lee (Orlando Jones).

Lee stresses that Devon has a lot to learn about being part of his band. The words Lee lives by are “One Band, One Sound”.

If Devon is going to succeed in the big time he has to learn about unity and deal with a hidden secret that threatens to bring down Devon’s whole career.

The band numbers and choreography are something to drum home about in this film. They are bold, huge and spectacular. It is always impressive what a successful band can pull off.

What makes this film frustrating and boring to watch is the love-story and scenes involving the band after the grand performances.

The acting and character development are embarrassing. I mean “Bring it On” had more depth in its back-story.

The film sprinkles the cliché book all over its back-story and you know everything before its even discovered.

Other than the big band movements, I really liked Orlando Jones as the mentor teacher. I routed for him more than the kid.

Sure everything about his character is contrived but Jones brings out a passion and respect in the character. Jones has a future in other kinds of movies other than comedies if he wants them.

I like the fact that Hollywood is trying to use the “sports movie” philosophy in other kinds of movies.

I also liked the idea of a movie set in the world of giant marching bands. But it could have been a lot better if it was smart, funny and you really route for the underdogs.

I just wanted Nick Cannon’s Devon to get what was coming to him, failure. I didn’t like this kid at all. He was a brat.

(2 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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