Retro Review: Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie

What is the whole phenomenon of SpongeBob? Why are kids electrified with a yellow sponge who wears cardboard pants? Well last weekend I took a journey to find out.

In the feature film version of the widely-popular cartoon series, SpongeBob and his friend Patrick have to embark on a long journey to Shell City where they must retrieve King Neptune’s crown and save their friend Mr. Krabs, who has been accused of stealing the crown.

Basically SpongeBob’s first feature film is a road movie as SpongeBob and his friend Patrick must overcome all sorts of obstacles to save their friend.

It is as basic a premise as the cartoon series itself. But that is all you need to capture the warmth and innocence of the series.

There are some really clever scenes and some really disturbing ones. My favorite scene involved SpongeBob and Patrick’s stop at a biker bar where the bikers beat up anyone who will sing-a-long to popular kid’s song.

SpongeBob and Patrick love the song and it symbolizes who they are so they must resist.

It is hilarious when all of a sudden a biker screams and starts singing. It is juvenile but it shows the growth of these characters as they must do a very adult thing like saving their friend.

One of the more disturbing scenes is when SpongeBob and Patrick have to surf David Hasselhoff back to their town of Bikini Bottom. It is actually David Hasselhoff playing himself as the surfboard.

There is a confrontation on the back of Hasselhoff between SpongeBob, Patrick and the evil bounty hunter Dennis (voiced by Alec Baldwin). It is way over the top, extremely odd and entirely goofy. I can’t say I have seen that one before.

If there is a message in SpongeBob it is that kids shouldn’t want to grow up so quick but to enjoy who and where they are now. It isn’t often that in a cartoon of this kind that you can actually see such growth in the characters and such a positive message hidden within all the goofy juvenile humor.

(3.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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