Retro Review: Halloween: Resurrection

Written: July 13, 2002

A summer season wouldn’t be complete without a Mike Myers film. Oh, that’s right. We are talking about the rubber-faced serial killer named Myers.

That seems to be consensus when I tell people I saw the latest entry in the “Halloween” franchise.

It’s been four years since “Halloween: H2O” where Jamie Lee Curtis squared off against Michael Myers for “supposedly” the final time and a conclusion to the “slasher” series that has spanned 2 decades.

Curtis played Laurie Strode, the tormented sister of the psychotic killer in the first two films and returned in 1998 for the seventh film in the series.

The seventh film would have been a great capper for the series but since it was a hit we are now have the eighth Halloween film.

Why I asked myself as I got ready to watch the rubber-faced Myers stalk some more coeds.

In this sequel the angle is that some students are paid with scholarships by a “reality-based” TV show to stay in the house that spawned Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. Rapper-turned-actor Busta Rhymes leads the motley crew of housemates.

First off how they bring Michael Myers back after a “decapitation” in the last film is quite pitiful and summed up in five minutes or less. It kind of reminded me of that awful “Bobby shower scene” from the 80’s soap opera “Dallas”. Placing that aside we also finally witness the fate of Laurie Strode and then we meet the potential victims. The whole film is sort of a slap in the face to the 20+ year old series.

I liked 1998’s “H2O” because the final battle between Strode and Myers kind of wrapped up the series. But overall my biggest problem with the Halloween series is that it hasn’t been interesting since Donald Pleasance departed. Pleasance was sort of the “Van Helsing” of the series and brought some much needed depth to the whole story.

I loved that character and since he has been gone this series has gone from interesting to laughable. I used to say that the “Halloween” series was so much better that the “Friday the 13th” films but after this sequel they seem to be getting closer and closer to par.

If this series is to continue I just hope the fans forget this movie and they find some way to bring some dignity back to this series. I would really like to see John Carpenter return to the Halloween movies with a relative to the Donald Pleasance character. If not just leave the series where it rests. Nuff said.

(1 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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