Retro Review: Daddy Day Care

Eddie Murphy takes another swing at family comedy and this time he has half a dozen tots standing in his way.

Mr. Murphy plays married-advertising executive Charlie Hinton, who seems to enjoy the perfect family life. Charlie has a beautiful wife Kim (Regina King) and a darling son.

When cutbacks are felt at Charlie’s company, he finds himself on the unemployment line with his work chum, Phil (Jeff Garlin). Charlie and Phil wonder what it would take to run a child daycare outfit after Charlie is forced to pull his son out of a posh children’s academy run by head-mistress, Mrs. Harridan (Angelica Huston).

The two unemployed dads create Daddy Day Care and the fun and hi-jinx ensues. Much to Mrs. Harridan’s dismay.

“Daddy Day Care” is the perfect comedy for new parents or for people who just love kids. The sweetness and high sugary moments aren’t for everyone but for Eddie’s family comedy journey this one delivers a lot more laughs than “Dr Doolittle”.

The film reminded me a lot of the Michael Keaton comedy, “Mr. Mom” especially in the scenes where people aren’t sure if men can do what women do. I also felt that these scenes were a little bit dated for a modern audience.

My favorite moments involve the addition of Steve Zahn to the daycare. Zahn’s slapstick comedy and pop-culture references made me laugh with glee. He alone is one of the huge bright-spots of this comedy.

I have always screamed that I want to see the return of the old Eddie. I loved him in “I, Spy” and “Showtime” where there were signs of the good ol’ Eddie from his “Beverly Hills Cop” days. But with the poor box office of those films, I guess I might have been the only one. Maybe one day we will see him again.

If you forget the high-doses of sugar and some of dated premise then you may find yourself enjoying “Daddy Day Care”. It’s a great film for its target audience and in that aspect it hits the nail on the head. The consensus is that it’s cute!

(3 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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