Retro Review: The Santa Clause 2

With it being Christmas time again I decided to take a look back at some of Christmas movies. This year the holiday film is “The Santa Clause 2”.

This is a sequel to the 1994 Tim Allen comedy, “The Santa Clause”, which saw a single father accidentally inherit the mantle of Santa Clause when the “real” Santa falls off his roof. Eight years later, the sequel comes to theatres which reunites all the cast from the previous film. The story this time finds Santa Claus (Tim Allen) faced with a dilemma of keeping his mantle as Santa. He has to get married before Christmas Eve or risk losing the privilege of being Saint Nick. To make matters more complicated Santa finds out his son is having trouble in school and that he has to create a duplicate of himself to run the North Pole while he is away finding a wife. How will Santa do it?

“The Santa Clause 2” does have a wonderful premise at its core. One of the scenes that I did like was the opening “submarine” styled homage. I also liked how they found the new “clause”. I liked the idea of a magical watch and some of the more sugar coated moments with the little girl. I also liked the crazy reindeer and the “mythical characters” meeting.

The film has some key moments but loses its way about half way as doesn’t seem to know what it was at times. The sequel seems to forget that the original film was about the reconnection between a father and son through Christmas when his father becomes an intricate part of the holiday. The sequel has elements of that premise but seems to get bogged down in the special effects and giant toys.

The whole idea of a “cloned Santa who happens to be a toy” is pretty ridiculous. The scenes where Allen plays the “rubberized-version” of Santa made me shake my head. The filmmakers didn’t seem to know what they wanted from this character. They seemed to meander around on how they would make him evil then they delayed quite a while on what was his evil plan. I really didn’t understand the character fully other than he was evil, addicted to “hot-coco”, dressed like a fascist.

It is no wonder it took six different writers to write this film’s screenplay. The writers obviously didn’t know how to expand on the premise of the film’s “Mrs. Clause” and had to come up with the “evil Santa” to make the film longer.

I wanted to see more of Tim Allen going on blind-dates and an expansion on the “reindeer trainee”. How about an expansion on the “mythical characters” subplot as well? It could have been hilarious if Santa asked some of his mythical friends for dating advice. Or how about one of them helps run the North Pole and regularly check in with old St. Nick. I just think it could have been a better movie if it was a “romantic-family comedy” instead of a “special effects family comedy”.

(2.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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