Retro Review: Stuart Little 2

It has been three years since we visited with Stuart Little (Michael J Fox), a little white mouse and his human family, the Littles. It is hard to imagine we ever left with the delightful sequel to the 1999 film.

In the 1999 film, a human family adopts a white mouse and we watch the antics as this tiny little person (who happens to be a mouse) interacts with his new life and the Little’s cat, Snowbell (Nathan Lane). The 1999 film worked so well because it maintained its child-like innocence. The real world doesn’t infect or bring these characters down. No one stops to think it’s strange that a human family has a mouse as a son. The film was such a delightful surprise to audience members of all shapes and sizes.

In the 2002 sequel, we reenter the world of the Littles and it is like we never left. Stuart is continuing to adjust but finding his human mother (Geena Davis) won’t let him do much of anything on his own.

Stuart needs a friend his own size. In drops, a wounded bird named Margalo (Melanie Griffith) who asks for Stuart’s help against a frightening falcon (James Woods). Stuart rises to the challenge when Margalo is taken captive by the falcon and he has to enlist in Snowbell’s help to complete his mission.

The sequel grows off its predecessor and develops a larger world for Stuart. The film doesn’t forget its roots and maintains its beautiful innocence. I was captivated by the world within a world that the first film encompassed as all these great little things were created for this mouse. It was so cleverly conceived.

I enjoyed the scene where Mrs. Little is afraid her tiny son (mouse) will be squashed when he tries to participate in a “soccer game”. Davis does a wonderful job expanding on her character and I haven’t seen her this confidant on film in a very long time.

I loved the animation and passion presented in the creation of Stuart. There seems to be so much precision as we can literally see every fiber of fur on him in the close-ups. I also loved the natural accuracy in creating how Margalo walks and interacts. It was amazing watching these characters. There are a lot of great interactions between Stuart and the real world, which is pulled off brilliantly.

It isn’t often these days that you walk out of a sequel and really want to see another sequel. With Stuart, I really want to see a third adventure because I believe his world has hardly been explored.

(3.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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