Retro Review: Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts, Richard Gere and director Garry Marshall team-up again as they try to recapture the magic of “Pretty Woman” again. Will lightning strike twice?

Runaway Bride tells the story of small-town country girl Maggie Carpenter (Roberts) who is petrified about taking those last four steps at the end of the marriage ceremony. But when USA Today columnist Ike Graham (Gere) gets a hold of the story she becomes a national fiasco. Graham stretches the truth a little in his article and is fired from his job. Graham is forced to go to small town USA to find vindication and capture “The Runaway Bride” at her game.

From the first scene where Roberts and Gere’s eyes meet you can still feel the magic even after 10 years. The magic is the kind that you feel in your chest when the music swells and it’s all captured in a look.

The only other time this summer I have seen this was when Tarzan looked into his mother’s eyes as she sang him a lullaby. Building off that we are delighted at seeing that opposites attract as Roberts and Gere deliver some comedic bantering.

What is another pleasant surprise is that some of the scenes in the film almost echo “Pretty Woman” but still remain fresh and magical. You have to see the “Bridal Shop” scene to know what I am talking about.

Towards the end of the film, which has a running time of almost 2 hours, it loses steam as boy loses girl. As the events transpired, my chest almost broke and a shock of dismay erupted as I almost thought that I was the one rejected. Logically speaking and a couple revelations come after the shock but as to why film included this I am not sure all I do know is lightning can strike twice.

(4 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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