Retro Review: Double Jeopardy

Will she shoot him? Will she get away with it if she does?

Double Jeopardy is the name of a law where a person can not be convicted twice for the same crime.

Ashley Judd is a woman convicted of killing her husband. She is sentenced to 6 years of prison and taken away from her child. After a year she finds out that her husband is alive. Thus setting up the question, “Will she shoot him?”

Double Jeopardy is one of those Hollywood ventures where the commercial ruins any suspense or intrigue the film has. As we meander through this tale there isn’t any shockers or brilliant acting.

Academy award winner Tommy Lee Jones has never looked so bored. His character is an almost carbon-copy of the character he has played in two Fugitive movies. Bruce Greenwood plays a jerk as he has always played on the big screen. And as for Ashley Judd, she does the best she can with this two dimensional character as she tries desperately to bring credibility to it.

This poor, poor woman needs a juicy role where we can see her act like I know she can. Anyone remember “Normal Life” and “Norma Jean and Marilyn”?

(2.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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