Retro Review: American Pie 2

“American Pie” was the $101 million dollar comedy of two years ago that basically single-handedly rejuvenated the gross-out comedy genre. Pie continued on the tradition set-up by the now classic, “There’s Something About Mary”. Can a sequel to one of the most successful gross-out comedies of all time save the now quickly fading genre?

“American Pie II” picks up after the original cast had just finished their first years of college. The original cast is all here for a second slice of “American Pie” from the “Sherminator” to “Jim’s Dad” to the two guys who screamed, “she’s a MILF” in the original film.

After the original film’s four central boys (Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Eddie Kay Thomas, and Thomas Ian Nicholas) come home they decide to have a summer they will never forget as they rent a lush beach house. Each boy still seems to have a problem of some sort with the opposite sex and the typical sexual innuendoes transpire. Each boy will learn a little about sex, life and love as the summer unfolds.

“American Pie II” starts off as a great follow-up as it seems to jump right back into the same slant as the original. You are delighted by the reunions and the hilarious situations that fill the first two thirds of the film. There are such clever moments that you wonder if this film is just more of the original film.

I won’t discuss or spoil any of the films highest jokes but I will say just when I thought that they couldn’t get wilder this film does. I loved all the great key moments and yearned to see more of the cleverness. There are classic “Stifler” moments that will make you howl. I also loved a lot of the lines from Jim’s Dad who steals a lot of the jokes from Jim in the early scenes. There is even one scene that may just top the classic pie scene from the original. It even echoes one of the great scenes from “There’s Something About Mary”.

The biggest let down of “Pie 2” is the ending. Like a lot of comedies in recent years this film falls flat on its butt as it concludes. This ending was such a disappointment that it left me quite disappointed since I loved the first film so very much.

The ending relationships seem forced and only really two make any sense. It’s a shame because this sequel had a lot of potential to be a really excellent one like last week’s “Rush Hour 2”.

(3.5 out of 5) So Says the Soothsayer.

Side Note: I kept this review short because I didn’t want to spoil any of the great jokes in this film like a lot of the media has done in recent weeks. If you want me to clarify my position on what I felt was the matter with the film’s third act then write me.

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