Movie Review: The Norseman (1978)


The movie stars The Six Million Dollar Man’s Lee Majors as the Viking prince Thorvald (wow, another Viking called Thor, how original!) who travels to the New World to free his father who has been captured by Indians.

Majors is the only Viking on our list with no beard. He had a very strenuous schedule while shooting Six MIllion Dollar Man. If you know the series then you know that Lee Majors’s cheesy 70’s porn mustache was also a huge part of the series fourth season. The “stache” even leaked into the merchandising. The Norseman was filmed during the Six MIllion Dollar Man’s final season and you can tell that Majors was exhausted. He wasn’t himself.

The movie is completely silly but memorable. If you can forget the fact that Majors looks nothing like a Viking and he is dressed in what looks like traditional Roman armor. And what is probably the biggest laugh of the film is his ridiculous helmut that you see in the poster above. All I can say about this is, well, it was the 70’s. There are just so many ridiculous things abound in this movie but at least it’s watchable.

2.5 out of 5

Coming tomorrow, is a more traditional Viking movie based on an ancient poem.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Norseman (1978)

  1. Ack! If I’d known that this movie had my old nickname, I might’ve reconsidered, but ’tis done now.

  2. Them’s the cleanest Vikings I’ve ever seen, and seeing Lee Majors with the ‘stache just about made me lose it altogether. Cheese abounds! I guess they kind of had to go the original Star Trek props route with this one and grab whatever armor they could get their hands on that was hanging around.

    I’m glad to know the Soothsayer has braved so much to present us the truly obscure and memorable in one fell swoop. Take a bow, sir, it’s well deserved.

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