Weird Wednesday: TRUST (2011)

It is scarier than any horror movie I can think of. It’s creepier than a certain someone I know’s comb over that he just won’t give up on.

To put it plainly, this is a parent’s worst nightmare and why networking gadgets scare the death out of parents each and every day.

TRUST is about your typical North American family who live in a cozy house, joke at the dinner table and have a perfect suburban life. Clive Owen plays the dad to Katherine Keener plays the mom.

The main plot is that their 14-year-old daughter Annie (Liana Liberato) is having an internet relationship with a guy named Charlie.

When Charlie lies about his age, Annie doesn’t back away but instead becomes more curious. It’s a very, very scary thought.

What is really interesting is that the movie isn’t like “Catfish” and doesn’t wait 1.5 hrs before the reveal. Twenty minutes in we know he’s a pedophile.

The movie is smartly directed. I especially love the quick shots to establish an environment. Like the quick shots of the rape kit and the kids paintings in the psychologist’s office.

The movie is directed by David Schwimmer from “Friends” fame and this is leaps and bounds ahead of “Run Fatboy Run”. Schwimmer has delivered a mature poignant movie about ultra-sensitive subject matter.

Schwimmer is also ingenious for getting the performance he got out of newcomer Liana Liberato. The performance is unreal. Not to mention the amazing performances from the tortured dad Clive Owen and the strung out mother Katherine Keener.

If you can survive the subject matter, ride the movies emotional waves then this is a must see. It isn’t for everyone but there is no doubt it is a powerful film.

4 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer

NOTE: Some of you might ask why this film is included as part of Weird Wednesday. Well I think it fits because its the kind of horror film we all just can’t imagine happening but it happens almost everyday and a stat like that is just totally bizarre.

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