Movie Review: Pathfinder

Coming in seven unravels what happens when two ancient worlds collide.

7: Pathfinder (2007)

If you are a lover of the Robert E. Howard, used to collect and every single issue of “Savage Sword of Conan” and you know King Conan was one of Marvel’s most underrated series.

“Pathfinder” wants to be Conan so bad it’s crazy. But by setting it in the real world, the creators had give up on certain concepts right off the bat. The outcome is more Conan meets Dances with Wolves.

The Vikings come to the New World but are stalled by a quite vicious Native tribe. Amongst the chaos, a young Viking boy is abandoned by his fellow invaders. The boy is raised by the Native tribe. When the Norsemen return in vengeance, the Viking boy leads the tribe into battle.

Karl Urban of “Lord of the Rings” fame plays the Viking boy all grown up. He gives it his all. But the movie just screams rip-off throughout it.

Directed by Marcus Nispel, directed “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Friday the 13th” remake and takes the helm of this movie but no matter how hard he tries Pathfinder just doesn’t have the scope it required. It’s interesting Nispel’s next film is another remake, this time Conan himself.

Nispel tries to give the movie mysticism by using low lighting, obscured points of view and the thickness of the forest. The brutality in this film is front and centre. Racism, killings or whatever is never given a second thought. But the way the film tries to turn Vikings into “monsters” coming out the fog is just stupid. Yes from a First Nations tribe they would be threatening but come on they were a fierce people as well.

The movie just never lives up to what it should be.

3 out of 5

So Says the Soothsayer.

One thought on “Movie Review: Pathfinder

  1. Actually, this movie is like the flipside of Arak, an Ernie-Colon drawn DC comic where a Native American winds up in medieval Europe fighting amongst the knights. Another Conan wanna-be, but from what you say here, the comic book probably did it better.

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