Movie Review: Invasion USA

Back in 1985, the threat of the mighty superpowers throwing down and blowing us all to kingdom come was on everyone’s minds. The threat of nuclear war, building a bomb shelter, how to survive a nuclear winter and how would mankind recover after World War 3.

Would the Soviets just blow us up or would they instead invade. This was all over the pop culture of the time and especially in the films.

Movies like 1984’s “Red Dawn” had the Soviets parachuting into Middle America to form a beachhead for invasion.

1985’s “Spies Like Us” had Dan Ackroyd and Chevy Chase thwarting a rogue nuclear missile. But these are just two examples of the pop culture of the time.

1985 was a big year for Chuck Norris and “Invasion USA” was his third film that year.

“Missing in Action 2” flopped but Chuck’s “Code of Silence” opened in May 1985 and became Chuck’s third biggest film of all time.

“Invasion” debuted in September 1985 and started a for film $10 million plus streak for Chuck and Israeli action producers Yoram Globus & Menahem Golan.

This brings us to Chuck’s opus to the threat of a Red invasion. “Invasion USA” finds a Russian spy, Rostov (Richard Lynch), being the spearhead for an all out invasion. His mission is to turn America against herself. By using random acts of terrorism to bring America to her knees.

Blowing up churches, shooting peace demonstrators and killing Christmas shoppers. When they commit the acts of violence they are dressed as military men or police officers.

The movie itself is completely ludicrous but after 9/11 and terrorism sweeping the globe the movie is just damn eerie.

Norris plays Matt Hunter, a former CIA agent, who has a personal connection to Rostov and well Hunter has been a thorn in Rostov’s side for many years so during the invasion Rostov tries to kill Hunter. This obviously awakens the sleeping giant and Hunter goes after Rostov and stop the invasion.

The film is just silly from conception to execution. It is hard to see that this is the same people even down to the producers and writers of Chuck’s “Missing in Action” film. (See that review coming on Wednesday)

It is hard to classify “Invasion USA” as a Chuck Norris film at its heart. Chuck hardly does any karate in the show but once again shows us that his weapon of choice is the compact UZI. The movie’s most famous image is Chuck with his two strapped on double UZIs. This film felt more like Norris was impersonating Schwarzenegger than the limber calculated Norris of old.

(2 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer

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