Movie Review: The Delta Force

When I remember watching “The Delta Force” back in the 1980s. I thought it was quite a good action flick especially how the first half echoed the hijacking of TWA Flight 847.

The movie was also memorable for me because it was also the great Lee Marvin’s last film.

Marvin leads a team of special forces into a hijacked American airliner to rescue the hostages. Norris is his second in command.

The movie begins quite good where we get to know the hostages a little kind of like one of the “Airport” movies. Then the plane is hijacked led by Robert Forster who plays the lead terrorist. I had to pinch myself when I realized who was playing the terrorist.

“Delta Force” isn’t a good movie in really any sense of the word. It suffers from split personality disorder. The first half of the film for the most part is quite good but the second half is just plain stupid. The silly rock anthem that is played through the whole film to rah-rah mentality of all the characters to killing lots of bad guys without by just pointing the gun their direction while of course no Delta Force guy gets hit. What is this a GI JOE cartoon?

There is a thread on pertaining to all the ridiculousness of “Delta Force”. Another action film from the same era, “Navy Seals” gets a bad rap as well but compared to “Delta Force” that flick utterly golden. I really think this movie should be a drinking game, every time a Delta Force member does anything that makes no logical sense, you drink. You’ll be hammered before they free the hostages.

I think the movie is worse now because there was so much potential at the beginning of the film.

If the momentum, realism and certain peril would have held up this could have been quite good.

But I think what happened was they didn’t know how to keep the action movie contained on the aircraft and so they came up with the idea that there would be two objectives.

I say skip this film and watch 1996’s “Executive Decision” instead. Now there is a film that kept the action on the plane. Heck even 1992’s “Passenger 57” was better than this flick.

(1 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer

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