Movie Review: Firewalker

“Firewalker” is an underrated Chuck Norris gem. The movie opens with some of the greatest chemistry in an action film since “Lethal Weapon” and “Tango & Cash”.

The opening scene finds Chuck and Lou Gossett Jr. as treasure hunters trying to escape across a desert. The chemistry between Chuck and Lou Gossett Jr. is hysterical and the cornerstone of the film’s charm. I really liked the idea of bringing the buddy cop formula to a treasure hunter styled adventure. I think that is brilliant and brings a new side to “Indiana Jones” rip-offs.

The story finds Melody Anderson coming to Chuck and Lou Gossett with a map to some hidden Mayan treasure. The map also connects directly to a Native American legend of the Firewalker that when the treasure is found and a sacrifice is made it will unleash enormous power. The central story is really lame but its the performances of the three leads that make this movie such a gem.

The movie is directed by J. Lee Thompson who has directed movies from Richard Chamberlain’s “King Solomon’s Mines” to infamous classics such as the original “Cape Fear” and “The Guns of the Navarone”. In the twilight of his career, Thompson made six Charles Bronson movies in ten years and 1989’s “Kinjite” found both Bronson and Thompson retiring from the business. During those last ten years, Firewalker was one of only three non-Bronson movies that Thompson made. Thompson knew suspense, action and chemistry but like the bomb “King Solomon’s Mines”, “Firewalker” just couldn’t overcome a very weak script that is top heavy.

I liked how the threesome interacted with each other. How they complimented each other. Have you ever watched a film and loved the characters so much that you could careless about the story? Well that’s what I felt while watching this movie. I think Chuck should have made a sequel to this film except really found some interested treasure for the threesome to go after. There is just so much missed potential here.

(3.5 out of 5)


1. Missing in Action
2. Code of Silence
3. Lone Wolf McQuade
4. Eye for an Eye
5. Firewalker

So Says the Soothsayer

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