Retro Review: Scary Movie 2

The Wayans are back. They are here to kick the horror genre where it counts, again. Just how low will the Wayans Brothers go?

“Scary Movie 2”, the sequel to the $150 million dollar surprise of last summer, follows four teens who are tricked by their professor into visiting a haunted house for a school project. What is in the house is some pretty messed up stuff. Let the hilarity explode.

While the teens are visiting in the house the filmmakers parody such classic films as “The Haunting”, “House on Haunted Hill”, “The Exorcist”, and “The Amityville Horror”.

The original Scary Movie paved new ground as it attacked the “Scream” series just after the trilogy’s aftermath. “Scream 3” was so fresh in our minds that the timing was impeccable for a parody. This timing coupled with some great parody writing made the original “Scary Movie” so original. These were the key elements to why the film was such a huge success.

However in the sequel, the ideas are flat, toilet humor runs rampant and a lot of us probably won’t remember what these guys are trying to make fun of. The writing that was so fresh in the first one seem to be substituted with farts, puking, and any other way to dispel disgusting liquid. There are a lot of extremely perverse and gross gags that seem less shocking after Tom Green and the ton of other gross-out comedies this year. Now all this stuff just seems plain dumb.

My favorite scenes were the “Exorcist” beginning (up to a point), the “Charlie’s Angels” parody, and the freezer scene. Other than that I was bored and anxious to leave. I so hope “American Pie 2” can save this quickly fading comedy genre.

(1 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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