Retro Review: Species 3

The epic “hot-female-alien-killer” series continues. Really and I am not kidding.

Back in 1995, director Roger Donaldson directed the pseudo-classic alien thriller, “Species” which starred Natasha Henstridge as an alien-human hybrid who goes on a killing/mating spree after escaping from a genetics lab. The film was an attempt to clone the success of the “Alien” film series. “Alien” creator H.R Giger even designed the film’s alien creature.

Now in its third incarnation, the series continues as Natasha Henstridge’s character from the series gives birth in the film’s opening and her offspring is abducted by a scientist/soldier Abbott (Robert Knepper) who raises the offspring as his own child. The offspring adopts the name Sara (newcomer Sunny Mabrey) and she seems to be a lot like her mother. Abbott hopes by using Sara’s DNA he can finally make the perfect alien-human hybrid except a ruthless alien-hybrid faction doesn’t want that to happen.

Abbott hires an assistant named Dean (Robin Dunne) to help conceal and secure his work with Sara. Can the trio’s new alliance finally complete Abbott’s mission? What will the final result be? How unstable is Sara?

“Species 3” is yet again another throwaway straight to video sequel. The only things going for it are Knepper’s performance as Abbott and some of the effects. Knepper plays Abbott a lot like the classic anti-hero Herbert West, played perfectly by Jeffrey Combs in the vastly underrated “Re-Animator” films. Since I have a soft spot for that series I guess I enjoyed this film more than I should have.

I also really like Robin Dunne who seems to end up in the dullest of films in “The Skulls” sequels and “Cruel Intentions 2”. Robin Dunne seems to be the male equivalent of other neglected star, Marley Shelton. Like Shelton, I hope one day Dunne will have his moment to shine.

I also really liked the raw tenacity of newcomer Amelia Cooke who plays an alien assassin after Abbott and company. Cooke eats up scenery and screen time like a lawnmower. I kind of wished she was the film’s central female alien opposed to the overly dull Mabrey.

Hopefully this is the end to this series which goes to show with most horror anthologies, stop after the first one.

(1.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer

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