Retro Review: Little Nicky

The most successful “Saturday Night Live” alum currently on the big screen is Adam Sandler and Little Nicky shows just how far his power goes.

Little Nicky” stars Adam Sandler as the youngest son of Satan. Stepped on, bullied and beaten by his older brothers, Nicky has become the ugliest of them all. On the dawn of his father’s (Harvey Keitel) retirement as Lord of Hell, Nicky and his brothers learn that their father thinks they all couldn’t handle running Hell so that he should reign supreme for the next 10,000 years. (Hmmm, I guess no one ever thought of asking George W Bush?)

Outraged and horrified Nicky’s brothers decide to find a way to destroy their father and claim Hell themselves.

They decide to ascend from Hell via a sort of Hellmouth and wreak havoc upon mankind. As they ascend the Hellmouth closes sealing Hell off from Earth.

Since Hell can no longer get the damned, the Devil begins to fall apart. (literally) Nicky is summoned by his decaying father to bring back his brothers through the Hellmouth so that his father won’t die. Upon Earth, Nicky is guided by a foul-mouthed dog, two dead-heads and nerdish girlfriend. Will Nicky save the day and discover who his real mom is? Got to see it to find out.

Little Nicky” reminded me a lot of “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey”. The way the characters interact with one and other is crueler than Bill & Ted but you have a lot of the same kind of slapstick humor. “Little Nicky” isn’t by far Sandler’s best movie but it is probably as funny and clever as his 100 million plus “Waterboy”. My favorite Sandler movie is still “Happy Gilmore” which is a great companion for the all-time funniest golf movie “Caddyshack”.

The problems I had with Nicky was mainly in the huge setups for great comedy and the stupid punchlines. The movie also seemed to jump from one huge setup to the next without really trying to stay cohesive.

For me most of the best jokes were in the 4 different trailers lurking around. The funniest moments have to involve the dead-heads, the sexually confused room-mate and the cheerleader angels. I really liked these characters because they were the most real of the whole film.

I did like the look of Hell and really found the film’s take on Heaven to be quite humorous. I really never fell for just how stupid people were on Earth.

The brothers possess a lot of prominent people in New York and no one really thinks there might be something wrong.

(Are these the same New Yorkers we know and love? Not!)

There were a lot of elements in this film but not enough time or pacing was used to really accent the good stuff opposed to the bad.

I know that a lot of brain-power is supposed to be kept in check when watching an Adam Sandler movie but here I never really could unlike the Bill & Ted films.

(2.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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