Movie Review: The Bachelor

Is “The Bachelor” another perfect romantic comedy? Or another look at an old formula?

“The Bachelor” stars “Batman & Robin’s” Chris O’Donnell as a perpetual bachelor who is afraid of letting go of his wild stallion ways.

This is much to the dismay of “Jerry Maguire’s” Renee Zellweger who has dreams of having a marriage made in heaven with her true love.

O’Donnell’s life turns upside down when his grandfather dies leaving him with his fortune and a catch. For O’Donnell to inherit 100 million dollars he has to be married before his 30th birthday which happens to be 24 hours away.

Do you remember those classic romantic comedies starring Cary Grant? As I watched the Bachelor I was reminded that this story seems to be lost in a time that has passed us all by. I also pondered the question do people today actually relate to these types of characters anymore? Then I came to resolution that maybe we need these types of films to remind us of how love could be.

The film’s ending is in some ways a beautiful homage to the magical Cary Grant films of yesteryear. It’s refreshing today and does pull at the heart strings.

The film stumbles and almost finds a target. But as O’Donnell continues to screw up his proposals going from woman to woman I was a little tired and asked the question why can’t he see the error of his ways. Why not focus on the one you love and give it your all?

Could this movie delivered a different message if it had left out the box of women? Yes and it could have taken a couple things from Cary Grant. What we do get is an obvious look at a movie that has a good set-up, hollow middle, and a cuddly ending.

Basically the Bachelor is a sweet little movie with no substance.

(2.5 of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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