Retro Review: Beyond Suspicion

Also known as “Auggie Rose”, this film stars Jeff Goldblum as John Nolan, a bored insurance salesman who assumes the identity of dead con-man Auggie Rose when he unexpectedly dies in his arms.

Nolan must now unravel dead Auggie’s life without his fractured girlfriend, Lucy (Anne Heche), finding out “Beyond Suspicion” shocked me.

It is one of those films that starts off really slow and really doesn’t impress till it makes your jaw drop. What made the film so involving was the relationship between Heche and Goldblum.

This is a very awkwardly thrown together couple. The film loves to plant doubt in the viewer and that makes the characters very engrossing. It reminded me that no matter how bad the first act of a film is you may just have a jewel staring back by the third.

(3.5 out of 5)

So Says the Soothsayer.

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